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As a parent, can I make a donation to my son/daughters mission trip fund and it be tax deductible?

Raising support for youth ministry mission trips. “If parents pay for their child’s short-term mission trip travel expenses, can they claim a charitable contribution deduction? That depends on whether the parent is supporting the child directly or through the church. If the parents pay the church an amount sufficient to cover the travel expenses of their child on a church-approved mission trip, then it is likely that this payment will be tax-deductible. However, if parents pay their child’s travel expenses directly, or send funds to their child to cover travel expenses, the deduction is in doubt” (“Venturing Into Missions and Outreach,” the Essential Guide to Youth Ministry Safety eBook,

Please submit donations to your local church, or send them to the AIM office at:

Minnesota District Council AG
1315 Portland Ave. S.
Minneapolis, Mn. 55404

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